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An unusual mural is now underway… four window panels will soon be looking out to a wide vista inspired by the gardens of the Palace of Versailles in France. (Versailles is pronounced rhyming with “Hair-sigh” — the last s is silent.)

The Palace of Versailles was the royal residence of King Louis XIV located in Versailles, about 19 km west of Paris. If you’ve ever visited Versailles, you will know that its interior displays an abundance of over-the-top luxury and riches, which is considered a significant reason why the palace found itself at the heart of the French Revolution. The gardens and grounds are really something to see, with their par-terre garden beds, abundance of floral displays, fountains, arbors and rose gardens. There are even named areas with lakes and monument buildings in various places around the grounds.

Here are some images of the amazing gardens, which will inspire the mural design:



Trompe Versailles is being commissioned by a businessman who lives locally with his family on the Brisbane River. Jacqueline will paint this mural in her art studio, before installing it in the interior of his home office. He will then have an amazing view out to the Versailles gardens from his own office space! Here’s the planned view he will see behind his desk. This is around 8 metres wide:

Mural design

What makes this mural truly unique is its surface: canvas blinds  equipped with electronic motors, so the mural can be hidden or displayed as required. This brings a few logistic, technical and engineering challenges to the construction of this mural which have been puzzled through.

The job is likely to take a few months. Watch the construction of this mural here soon.