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It’s Spring at Trompe Versailles! Every Spring, the gardens of Trompe Versailles are lined with citrus planter boxes designed by Andre Le Notre. To capture this iconic image, I decided to line the central avenue of the gardens with trees in planter boxes.

This required some more crazy geometry — want to see? I’d love to talk you through the nutso techniques I have to use to make the perspective just right! Check it out below.

Here’s some close ups of the pencil work! Isn’t it wild?

You can also check out this time-lapse to watch it all come together.

What do you think of the final result? I’d love to talk you through it here.

And here is a pan across the whole mural from the end of this session. I think it’s going to look amazing when all the panels can sit in a straight line.

Stay tuned as more is added to this massive mural of the Versailles Gardens!

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