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In today’s session, I reached such an exciting milestone – the entire frame is now complete! I’m so happy with how it looks and very excited to start adding in all of the beautiful gardens.

The process involved some more masking, painting the internal timber lines, tweaking some small patches of the sky, and then (finally) removing all the masking tape on the mural. In saying that, there are a few pieces left on there for the garden work, but I’m very excited that the majority of it is gone!

Check out as the process unfolds in the video below.

You can also watch me talk you through the process here.

Now it’s time to venture on to the parterre gardens, pathways, and the forest beyond! This is a huge stage finished, and definitely worthy of some celebration. I hope you’re excited for what is to come!

Here is the end of day image. What do you think?

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