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Today, I got started by getting actual paint on my brush, then onto the canvas, and then I stopped when I realized I needed to do a little bit more masking! Oh no, not more masking! I’ve used up two full rolls already.

I was painting the timber window surrounds in a nice wood grain finish when I realized that when I built these windows, I would need to mitre the corners! So a few more bits of tape then I could keep going with my carpentry. Watch the process in action below.

I really like the finished result, and it ended up being so realistic that I totally fooled my mother. When she walked in at the end of the day to peek at my work, she peered at the white canvas and said “I can’t see anything you’ve done!” I asked if she could see any timber frame and then she burst out laughing.

She thought it was the timber holding up the canvas! She truly thought it was real wood. She should know better, I’ve fooled her before with previous trick the eye murals!

It’s wonderful how this type of painting can end up with people bursting into fits of laughter. Hear the full story of her surprise below.

You can also watch the whole day in a time-lapse below. I love watching everything come together in quick speed.

I’m very excited to start adding in the design. You don’t want to miss it! Check out the end of day image below to see what I’ll be working from tomorrow.

Trompe Versailles as at the end of Day 8
Trompe Versailles as at the end of Day 8

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