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Today I’ve been working on the brick moongate for Trompe Moongate in Bulimba. Despite the chilly morning, I’m really happy that the 3D-Effect is coming together. After painting the bricks, I have been working on getting the right shading on each one. This requires focusing on the fine-point, realistic details like grout between the bricks. So, while you may think that such a large mural requires big paintbrushes, I’m actually using a really fine brush to get exactly the right look. Check out the two videos below to see up close what’s happening onsite!

Throughout the day, I have also been capturing my progress through time-lapse on my Go-Pro! The four videos below show my progress from the beginning to the end of today, starting with set-up and ending with pack-up. This also shows the rain coat I created in action, and how I use it to protect the mural. Enjoy watching my progress below!


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