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Early this morning I headed to Trompe Moongate in Bulimba to get ready to start painting. First, I had to spend a fair bit of time setting up a more permanent addition to my station that would protect the mural from rain and the busy street. This required some engineering but I managed to set up a raincoat with 3x3M of plastic, rope, and timber to weigh it down. I also put up some barriers so that people passing don’t run into any buckets of paint. Have a look at the finished setup in the video below!

After all the setup, I am excited to announce that I added the first bit of paint to the mural today! The first priority was to darken the area around the fake step in the bottom of the mural. This was to help get the right perspective and in turn, the full Trompe L’oeil effect! Watch the first paint go on in the video below.

In the following two videos you can see the entire day’s progress made on the mural as a time-lapse. Watch till the end to see me painting the grout that I outlined the day before!

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