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Two days of work doing digital design and it’s nearly there! Client is very happy with the design so far. We are trying to get a real 3D look on this flat wall so I just need to work on a few more tweaks to get there.

Ha Long Bay os a beautiful place, usually crowded with people and boats everywhere but we’re creating a magical day at Ha Long Bay where you have it all to yourself to enjoy on a beautiful sunny day when the water is a clear turquoise blue.

Only another day or so and I’ll be able to get the paint on the wall.

It takes of lot of planning to get the right layout and the right angles for the 3D-Effect in my murals. I make a lot of notes about what elements I could add or adjust to capture the eye and draw people into the place I am painting. This technique is called Trompe-L’oeil — meaning to ‘Deceive the Eye’. It is a technique that uses realistic imagery to create the illusion of three dimensions. This is also why the piece is called Trompe Moongate!

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