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Yesterday I finished painting the wood of the long jetty leading from Oxford Street, Bulimba and down into Hạ Long Bay. As I made it narrower than I’d originally planned, I spent most of my time today painting the final section of water around the jetty’s edge. This required some tape so that colours of the water did not appear on the wood — you can watch the process unfold in the timelapse below.

Later in the day, I spoke with the owner of Vietnamese Mint, Tze, who requested that both of our social media pages be linked in the bottom corner of the wall. Although I won’t add this until the mural is completed, I quickly measured and blocked out with tape the section of the wall where this will be added. Check out the photos below to see what it looks like.

Tomorrow will be a huge day of painting as I will finish off the ropes on the jetty and start painting the greenery around the edges of the moongate. Stay tuned for the next update!

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