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Today at Trompe Moongate, my task was to build the jetty into Hạ Long Bay. I started by painting the wood so it gets paler into the distance, much like a real jetty.

However, I realised that the jetty needed to be narrower to create the right illusion. That means that tomorrow, I will need to paint around the jetty again to make some of the edges into water. In the video below, you can get a closer look at the jetty before I’ve added the wooden posts.

As I added the wooden posts, I realised the perspective of the jetty still needed tweaking. This meant using a lot of geometry and mathematics to change the angle of the steps. Watch how I did this in the video below.

To see the jetty come together in quick-speed, check out the four time-lapses below of the whole day. I’m really close to the finish line now, so keep your eyes peeled for the next update!

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