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Today I had a late night at the Trompe Moongate mural in Bulimba. I’ve spent the day doing a lot of mathematics and geometry to get a perfectly circular border in place. This will create the moon gate in the wall. A moon gate is a circular opening in Eastern temple architecture, and as the mural is for a Vietnamese restaurant, Vietnamese Mint, we are keeping to a Vietnamese theme. This moon gate is creating a hole in the wall that extends 2.5M in diameter. The hole will then open out into a view of Hạ Long Bay, which is also in Vietnam. Watch a time-lapse of the design process in the video above. 

Once the geometry of the design was complete, I began using my pencil and ruler to draw in the outlines for each individual brick that will create the moon gate. To see the progress I’ve made so far, check out the video below.

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