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Today at Trompe Moongate I had to pull out my painting gloves to keep warm in the cool morning air. However, despite the cold, I’ve been able to make a lot of progress on the mural! I started by adding to the water of Hạ Long Bay and bringing it further down the wall. I then began layering the water with the various shades of blue and green that you’d see in reality. By using realistic painting the 3D effect of the mural comes to life! After layering the water I began adding the reflection of the boats and the fishing village on the water’s surface. Let me talk you through my progress in the video below!

To finish the day I did some more work on the water and then began working on the fishing village! I started by painting the roofs of a number of buildings in a nice, deep red, to contrast against the blue water. This is much like with the sails of the main boat. I didn’t get to the jetty today, however, stay tuned for more! To see all of my progress today in quick speed, watch the time-lapses below!

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