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Today I began painting a large section of Trompe Moongate – the water! As the outlining of the entire mural was completed yesterday, I began Day 13 by painting around the jetty in the foreground of the mural. I did this with pale yellow paint to create the right shading for the surrounding water, sand, and plants. I then began painting the water at the most distant point of Hạ Long Bay, based on the created 3D effect of Trompe L’oeil. You can watch this in the timelapse below.

In this next timelapse, I progress significantly with the painting of the water and the buildings on the water. First I touched up the mountains and worked on creating their shadow across the water. This is on the right hand side of the mural. Then I moved on to outlining the water around the buildings on the left. Stay tuned for more updates as the mural moves closer to the finish line!

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