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Today I had a late day out at Trompe Moongate in Bulimba. To start off I finished painting the sky with some nice, fluffy clouds above where the mountains will be. I also finished outlining the entire mural, and you can watch me walk you through the main elements in the video below.

Then it was time to paint the mountains! For this, I got to use a nice big brush to slap on the paint. I’m really happy with the result as there is definitely a 3D-effect being developed, as you can see in the image above. To see the effect from a distance, check out the video below.

After painting the mountains, I still had some extra time so I got started on the bright red sails of the ship in the bay. In the image above you can see how much the colour contrasts with its surrounding environment, hopefully drawing people further into the image. You can also watch a time-lapse of the whole day in the next two videos! It’s a really exciting way to watch the piece come together and I can’t wait to update you on what comes next.


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