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This trompe l’oeil mural commission is for THECA, The Hut Environmnental Community Association in Chapel Hill, Western Brisbane. The Hut has received a beneficiary donation from a passionate founder and supporter of The Hut, Doreen. It is to be spent on an educational mural featuring all sorts of nature, flora and fauna that are local to the Bushland area around The Hut. More than 30 species of insects, lizards, snakes, flowers, butterflies, vines, trees and more appear in the mural.

How it all started

Like all of Jacqueline Hill’s trompe l’oeil murals, Trompe Bushland started as a simple sketch.

On its way!

Watch Trompe Bushland being safely packed, ready to go to its new home.

Check out the Mural Eye on Trompe Bushland to see how it came to life in our daily video diary:

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