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When working on a mural like Trompe Bougainvillea, it is crucial that the design is set up to last a lifetime.

Although not the most enjoyable part of the process, today I applied the metal primer to all the strips of raw aluminium. The primer etches deep into the metal so the mural paint won’t chip or scratch easily.

However, metal primer is nasty, toxic, and stinky, so a full face mask is best. With my mask in place, I applied the primer to the 2 strips that join the panels and the 4 frame pieces. The smell did make me feel a bit ill, but it’s all down now. Whew!

Check out the whole process in the timelapse below:

And this is how it all looked by the end of the day:

What do you think of the process so far? I’m excited to keep adding colour to the panels!

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