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Today was an immensely satisfying day bringing Trompe Bougainvillea’s digital design to its final form! With the botanical elements and background complete, I devoted the day to adding pockets of character and narrative throughout the lush trompe l’oeil landscape.

Drawing inspiration from the local flora and fauna, I thoughtfully peppered iconic Australian critters into the composition. This included a koala, two kookaburras, two cockatoos, lorikeets, blue wrens, pigeons, and willy wagtails hiding in the scenery.

Can you spot them all in the final design?

You can also watch the whole design process unfold here:

With the digital files now complete down to the last feather, I can hardly wait to transfer this illusion onto the physical panels. With the client’s final approval, this captivating world is going to come to life. Brushes at the ready!

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