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On the first day of every mural, I get to spend time on location with the client. For this beautiful client, the mural is being installed on her home patio. So, after getting to know one another, I spent time thoroughly surveying the mural site and the surrounding environment.

I photographed the area from multiple angles to capture detailed reference imagery that will aid in planning and executing the mural design. Have a look at the beautiful space I get to work with! What a gorgeous addition this will be to the home.

In discussions with the client, I also started planning the design. We discussed her vision for the space and I took measurements. I then completed preliminary pencil sketches on location, and Trompe Bougainvillea was born!

You can see my first rough sketch of the design below.

With the initial planning underway, I will begin sourcing suppliers for the panels and keep finessing the design. Stay tuned for more daily updates coming soon!

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