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This trompe l’oeil mural is a private commission for a dramatic entryway into a Brisbane home. This mural is in the atrium foyer of a contemporary home. The clients wanted to bring nature, illusion, joy and colour into a minimalist stone interior.

The painting is over 3 metres tall and features a colourful range of flowers and plants.


Along with a winding pebble pathway, a little gate and a lake, Trompe Bontanica features several plants and flowers, including jacarandas, silky oak, callistemon, banksia, waratah, sunflowers, callistemons and grevilleas.

Can you spot them all?


Everything on the wall is painted — even the stone outside and the first row of tiles, designed to blend seemlessly with the client’s tile floor.

The mural is in a foyer that’s a couple of storeys high. An open staircase runs up above it so the clients can enjoy the view from the landing halfway up.

Finished Mural

Stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes photos of Trompe Botanica as it came to life…