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Local Queenslander Deb commissioned a mural on a beautiful dollhouse built by her father. The dollhouse has a pull out draw with a pool and a liftable lid for extra storage. What an amazing design! After he passed away from a terminal illness, Deb and her husband decided to turn the dollhouse in a special family heirloom. They commissed me to paint it as an English manor, with climbing roses and intricate stonework. It was such a privelege to work on this project for them and honour his memory.

How it Started

Here are some images of the dollhouse in its original form:

Trompe Dollhouse Before - side


Here are the images I used to inspire the design:

As I created the mural, I also did some digital illustrations of the final product. This is the design I created for the pull out draw of the dollhouse, featuring a swimming pool and a luscious garden.

To watch the full painting process unload, check out the mural eye for Trompe Dollhouse below.